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Utilizing a weekly route from Miami to NYC, a large fleet of well-equipped vehicles, and well-qualified, bonded and insured drivers, we load, ship, and unload your artwork, vehicles, household items, heirlooms, antiques, and one-of-a-kind treasures with care and precision.


With many years of experience and knowledge of technological changes and industrial systems, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions to our valued customers.

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Shipping Bikes


Shipping Bikes

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Touring Bikes

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Art show transportation

For fine art is graceful, it demands delicacy. That is why we solely work with professional, skilled, and experienced art shippers and expert team members who pay great attention to detail. With our adept team, we come up with custom solutions and innovations that redefine art logistics in order to make sure that your precious possessions arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition. All in all, unparalleled art requires unparalleled measures.

And so much more...

If you have items not included below, simply communicate your needs to us.

High-end Motorcyles

With many years of experience and knowledge of technological changes and industrial systems, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions to our valued customers.

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Framed Art

Shipping framed art safely requires the utmost care and attention to detail. We have earned the confidence of galleries, artists, and collectors who have entrusted us with their framed art in a wide variety of sizes and genres. We will provide references upon request.

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Art Shows

Modern and contemporary art shows like Scope, Art Miami, and Context feature a broad array of genres, mediums, and sizes. We have served each of these shows by transporting a number of diverse items.

Shipping Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is often fragile, oddly-shaped, and expensive. Maintaining delicate settings and protecting sensitive components from damage necessitates care at each phase of packing, loading, hauling, and unloading. At Kool Runnings Transport LLC, we protect your delicate equipment like you would if you were moving it.

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One-Of-A-Kind Items

Whether your item is a shoulder press by Life Fitness, a custom hot-rod motorcycle, or a pair of stained-glass doors, we will wrap it carefully, strap it securely, and haul it responsibly. We understand that one-of-a-kind items are hard to replace, so we do what is needed to make sure they arrive undamaged.

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Because they are old and often fragile, antiques require a dose of old-fashioned TLC when they are transported. Our team recognizes the value you place on the antiques you may have worked a lifetime to acquire. We have earned the confidence of individual and business clients who have entrusted their valuables with us.

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Sculptures/Non-Framed Art

Sculptures and other non-framed art have one thing in common–they all differ in size, shape, weight, and composition. At Kool Runnings Transport, we have the expertise to handle your sculptures and other 3-D artwork with care and professionalism to make sure each piece gets back to you in pristine shape.

And more!

If you have items not included in that list, simply communicate your needs to us.

Why choose us?

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We work with our customers personally

Our customers know us. They know that they will work directly with our owner. They realize that they can count on us to pick up, transport, and deliver their items safely. They know we are accessible if they encounter difficulty. They very quickly realize that we really care about their treasures and about our goal of providing professional service that’s unrivaled by any other special shipping firm.

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We choose our shipping partners with care

Providing excellent white-glove shipping that’s on-time and professional means being able to partner with other companies that complete the chain of services our clients need—literally—around the globe. Partners like Berklay Cargo Transport give Kool Runnings Transport LLC access to international shipping and allow us to serve world-renowned museums, art collectors, and foreign embassies.

We strive for excellent service—every time

At Kool Runnings Transport, we focus on excellent communication and on-time delivery. We keep our clients informed of how we will handle the pick-up and delivery details. They know what to expect. Whether we are transporting a dozen pieces of framed artwork from an art show or an entire household of furnishings, we understand that it’s impossible to over-estimate the worth of an individual’s items. We provide a level of service that takes into account the emotional attachment surrounding an individual’s treasured heirloom or a gallery’s most valuable piece. And then, we follow through. We arrive on-time. We pack and load with care. We deliver items in good repair and on time. 

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If you’re searching for a reliable and reputable moving company, look no further than the experienced professionals at Kool Runnings Transport.

With many years of experience and knowledge of technological changes and industrial systems, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions to our valued customers.




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